About Us

The Way Life Should Be

The Winter mansion stayed within the Winter family for three generations, playing a key role in Kingfield society for more than seventy years. Since then, it was converted into a medical clinic, where many of the locals were born and cared for, and finally, converted by Michael Thom into an inn with an elegant dining room. Richard Winnick purchased the inn after some time and constructed the 16-room motel building on the foundations of the original barn.

Kingfield, like many small towns, means different things to different people, but it is certainly a warm and friendly community, where everyone has time to talk; where you can feel relaxed, safe, and secure.  Somehow living in a small town makes you feel as if the entire town is your family. This is a place where you can see kids walking alongside the road trying to get to the bridge where they can jump off into the swimming hole in the summer or carrying their skis up the road to go down the local Hill in the winter.  After a while it seems as if the last 50 years might not of really happened. It feels like the way life should be.

Now, experienced hotelier John Banta has purchased the property as just the fifth owner in 115 years, with the intention of restoring the business to its proper place in the local community.

“I hope to bring some of what I learned working for Hyatt and Kintetsu to the project and to slowly polish this jewel of a property to an appropriate level of luster through continuous improvement. While here, our guests should be sure to take advantage of the myriad of things to do in the area. However, while the area has many attractions and activities, I think the real attraction here is the ability to do nothing, and live closely with nature in all its beauty. We want to offer a product that is sophisticated but simple, and far from snooty. Kingfield is a place that features the benefits of small town country living: clean air and water, beautiful nature, great food, and nice people. For city dwellers hoping to escape the stress of daily lives, we offer a peaceful antidote.”